Number 8 Mine Turquoise Pendant - N85523 - SOLD


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Handmade Navajo sterling silver Number 8 turquoise pendant created by famed artist Phillip Sanchez and bears his hallmark "P. Sanchez" and "sterling" on the back. This is a truly rare and hard to find turquoise because the Number 8 mine closed in 1961! The beautiful free form stone is loaded with tiny spider web matrix. The wide surrounding bezel is artfully crafted of traditional cut out work. The stone and bezel measures 1 & 1/4" long (NOT counting the bail) by 1" at the widest point. The stone itself is 1" by 3/4". The bail is 3/8" long with a 6mm opening. The small white spot at the top of the stone is from the camera flash. SOLD


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