Grizzly Bear Claw Necklace - N252 - SOLD


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The bear has always been a symbol of strength and courage to the Native Americans along with their belief to honor it by not wasting any part of the animal. It is in that spirit of honor that we offer this claw to you. The grizzly bear from whence this particular claw came was legally hunted in Canada and all necessary documents were obtained and required import fees paid. The claw was professionally treated by a taxidermist to ensure longevity. The claw was sent to Albuquerque where it was capped in sterling silver by renowned 80+ year old Navajo Master Silversmith Tony Garcia. Cap is hallmarked "TG" on top. The claw extends to the top of the inside of each silver cap. Each purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity including the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) card number on the silversmith. Please check your state laws concerning grizzly claws before purchase, as we cannot ship to certain states.

The 1" by 1" cap on this particular claw is accented with a beautiful deep blue/green genuine turquoise stone. The bail is 1/2" tall with a large, 10mm opening. The 24" handmade necklace is strung with sterling silver beads, 8mm genuine turquoise rondelle style beads, and black hairpipe. The grizzly claw is 4" including the cap.



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