Candelaria Mine Turquoise Ring - R9120


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This striking, hard and difficult to find turquoise comes from the NOW CLOSED Candelaria Mine in Nevada. These factors are what make it a collectors turquoise. High grade Candelaria, such as this stone, came from a section of the mine so difficult, it is now considered almost unreachable. This rare turquoise is known for its gorgeous blue color with reddish-brown matrix. The Candelaria stone in this beautiful ring is a perfect match to our spectacular Candelaria turquoise necklace (N2660) by the same Navajo Master silversmith Jimmy Secatero. The lighting makes the stone appear a darker blue than it is. The stunning stone is surrounded by a heavy silver bezel of a shadowbox design and double overlay with cutout work. It sits atop a wide, comfortable shank. Crafted entirely of sterling silver. Hallmarked "Jimmy Secatero" and "sterling" under the bezel. The stone and bezel measures 1 & 1/4" tall by 3/4" at the widest point.

Size 8 - Can be resized for a nominal $15 fee billed separately through Paypal.


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